Technical means of security

Security Police offers two type of services:

  • Protection with perimeter protection alarm, which is focused on opening and closing, by dialing the code on the panel at a closing time the object switches to the security mode.
  • The alarm button service, which is remotely attached to the desired location for the user; when pressed on the button, the alarm signal is transmitted to the central panel and the response team is promptly appeared at the scene.

For the use of the security perimeter alarm services, the following broadcaster shall be installed and connected to the protected facility upon request:

  • The double-acting immune detector, which is fixed to the wall, responds to movement and does not respond to animals.
  • A vibro-sensory broadcaster, which is based on impact detection technology and responds to impact.
  • Anti-smoke temperature sensor - a photo-electric anti-smoke sensor that responds to a certain amount of smoke and transmits an alarm signal as soon as it is detected.
  • Glass break detector - responds to any glass breaking.
  • CO2 Detector - responds to any type of poisonous gas leak.

The alarm signal is transmitted to the central observation point through various technical means installed in the facility. 2-5 minutes after receiving the alarm signal, the operative response group of the Security Police is appeared at the scene.

The installation of this equipment is carried out by highly qualified engineering-installation groups, which are equipped with modern technical and transport means.

Monthly fee for securing with technical means:


Commercial object


From 150 GEL




From 60 GEL


Individual house


From 100 GEL


Country area


From 100 GEL


Residential apartment + cottage


From 135 GEL


The cottage area includes: Saguramo, Natakhtari, Misaktsieli, Aragvispiri, Bulachauri, Tsitelsopeli, Tskneti, Kojori, Manglisi, Kiketi, Okrokana, Tsavkisi, Tabakhmela and their surrounding areas.



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Police Security

Security Police offers protection of the facilities, both by police force and combined - police and technical means.

Due to the specifics of the facility, the Security Police will offer you a protection solution that will save your financial resources in the long-term perspective so that the quality of protection is in line with modern standards.

Security Police uses police force during the day - during working hours, as well as 24 hours a day.

The number of police officers required for the security depends on the technical strength and specifics of the facility.

During securing the facilities by the police force, the employees are equipped with uniforms, special means and firearms.

Tariffs for security by police force:

Junior Inspector
 from 1400 gel
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Security and escorting

The Security Police offers security and escorting services. Security and escorting is carried out by the vehicles equipped with modern technique and the employees with firearms throughout the country.

The main directions of service are:

  • Security and escorting of individuals, VIP guests, delegations and tourist groups;
  • Security and escorting of money, precious metals and valuables;
  • Security and escorting of museum exhibits, works of art and private collections;
  • Security and escorting of transit transport, motorized columns, agricultural, oversized and excess cargo;
  • Security and escorting of psychotropic drugs, explosives, radioactive, chemical and other substances


Service tariffs:




sizes of a cargo to be shipped

Cost of services per vehicle


20 km-including;  

Above 20 km; 100 km – including

Above 100 km



Non-oversized (large-sized) cargo security and escorting

Height from 4.0 m - up to 6.0 m




500 GEL



500 GEL +

Every 1 km above 20 km - 20 GEL


2100 GEL +

Every 1 km above 100 km - 15 Gel


Width from 3.0 m to 6.0 m


Length from 24.0 m to 40.0 m







Escorting of individuals; security and escorting of of museum exhibits, narcotic drugs, large-sized (heavy), dangerous and other cargo







350 GEL


350 GEL +

Every 1 km above 20 km - 8.5 GEL


1030 GEL +

Every 1 km above 100 km -5.5 Gel


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Personal security

Security Police offers personal security services. This service provides security for a specific person (s). Security Police has many years of experience in personal security and escorting.

The Security Police protects hundreds of citizens of Georgia and foreign countries. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of our partners, fulfilling the trust and responsibility on a high professional level.

Personal security personnel undergo special courses where they master in the most effective personal security equipment.

When concluding a personal security contract, a citizen has the opportunity to hire both a current employee and a person authorized by him / her for personal security.


Personal security tariffs:


Junior Inspector


From 2000 GEL




From 2400 GEL


Senior Inspector


From 3000 GEL

















Additional personal security services

Additional personal security services include the use of a car. Car service includes glass tinting and use of the state plate number. The service fee is 3000 GEL.

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Security Police offers customers money and jewelry collection service. The collection is carried out by the vehicles equipped with modern security systems. Almost all leading banks in Georgia use the collection services of the Security Police. Our staff undergoes constant firing practical and theoretical retraining.


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GPS service

Security Police offers car GPS services. This service offers live monitoring of vehicle location, speed, passed trajectory, time of movement, engine status.

GPS / GPRS devices are installed in the vehicles, which process the signal received from the GPS satellites and determine the location of the vehicles. The information is transmitted by GPS to the central server, where it is processed, sorted and placed in databases. The user controls the cars online through the website

Following information can be obtained by GPS / GPRS monitoring:

  • Vehicle location, direction of movement
  •  Fuel consumption
  • Effective movement strategy
  • Maximum speed of movement
  •  Information on the distance passed
  • Time of arrival. Staying and leaving the destination
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